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Mega Man: Wily's Castle


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This is my Lego build of Dr. Wily's Castle from the Mega Man games.
I made it because I wanted to pay homage to Mega Man. I think a Mega Man set would be great for Lego to make because it is one of the most famous video games of all time.
The set has 4 minifigures:
  • Mega Man.
  • Dr. Light
  • Protoman
  • and Dr. Wily.
I did not show a picture of Dr. Wily on his own because his minifigure didn't turn out very good. But he's there.
I also included the Yellow Devil and the MechDragon. The MechDragon is one of the most memorable moments in the game and the Yellow Devil is pretty iconic.
The interior of the castle was hard because it was filled mostly with supports for everything so I made a section to recreate the fight with MechDragon. I like the MechDragon from Mega Man because it was the inspiration for my favourite boss from the 2017 game Cuphead, the Grim Matchstick Dragon. I did not include any robot masters cause I felt that would be a bit much.
I hope you like it and feel free to check out my Cuphead projects!

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