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Dwarf Dwarf Dwarf


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I am creating another Mecha, this time ,it a dwarf.and I am a big fan of dwarf myself. They are short, but they are strong. They are very stuborn, but very brave. They don't like elf, but they are very noble. In every aspect, I like them very much. 

I think every household must have read a fantasy story, and know what is a dwarf must be. They may interrupt in many different kind of ways. But what I see a dwarf, it what J R R Tolkien describe what a dwarf is like. So, base on my understand, I build this dwarf warrior with all his might and strength to protect his home. Yet this is not a human but a Mecha control by a mini figure dwarf. What if Lego start a new series of knight and castle in dwarfish homeland? With all the magnificent dwarfish architecture and mechanics. Making 2 of this Mecha standing in front of the dwarf castle gateway to look after and protecting their people of dwarf land. I hope you all like my idea and give support. 


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