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Lancia Delta Integrale

This model in inspired by the very best of historical rally and that is the one and only Lancia Delta Integrale. This vehicle kept winning on track for 6 years. This vehicle is a true masterpiece and a legend for all car enthusiast all over the world.
I tried to build this car for many times but was never happy with the result. So I started once again. The main chassis is build to be strong and allow 9 studs wide fenders. I thought that this wider base would nicely show those beautiful original shaped fenders and I guess it works perfectly.
Model came out very strong and doesn´t fall apart, which I was a bit afraid of. It is possoble to pop up the hood and enjoy the clean engine bay. Interior is sporty but fully realistic. There is also some space in the boot so you can take add some additional accesories if you wish. With some additional bricks you can upgrade it for night stages.
I am very happy with the result now and am ready to share it with you guys, so I hope you like it too. Thanks for you support.

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