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Armored Atlas Beetle


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This project was inspired by "Atlas Chalcosoma", one of the strongest and most combative beetles of our planet. Practically It is an armored and armed vehicle for use on rough terrain .

Features of the project:
- Beetle style movement with six-legs driven by gears (power functions 8293 required)
- Front and rear sensors for obstacles at ground level
- Frontal horns to detect obstacles raised from ground
- Two extendable ramps of four ground-to-ground or ground-to-air missiles
- Laser gun placed on the top of the beetle (illuminated by LED)
- Illumination of the cockpit
- and...  a mug for coffee break, idea by my little daughter :)

Back and forth movements of the beetle is manually controlled with the frontal horns: if you push down the horns, the beetle goes forward, pulling up the horns, the beetle goes backward.

In  case of collisions, the beetle automatically stops its movement.

To see the project in action click on video below...

See you soon on my next projects!


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