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1970's Step Side Pickup Truck


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Hello Lego Community !

My latest Lego Idea is inspired by classic stepside trucks of the 70's, i am a huge fan of lego and classic cars which is what let to my desire to creat this for you all to see. I hope you enjoy this idea as much as i enjoyed creating it. 

Included in this idea is over 2000 PCS, a detailed engine bay with wheel fenders, radiator, and brake master cylinder. as well as one of my favorite items ! a detailed Technic functional V8 engine.

This design started off with creating the engine first and built everything else around it.

Also included is wood trim on the side of the truck box as well as in the truck bed. as well as the iconic smoke stacks.

Will be included a detailed interior which is still being finalized so stay tuned for a few updates on this project !

Thank you to all who takes the time to check this idea out !

Sincerley Corg86 !

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