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Star Wars Episode 7 - D'Qar Resistance Base


During the chaos caused by the First Order's attack launched from Starkiller base, General Leia Organa and her Resistance Commanders keep track of Resistance Operations deep in the command centre on D'qar.  

Minifigures could include:

  • General Leia Organa (farewell costume)
  • Rey (Resistance uniform)
  • C3P0 (red arm)
  • Admiral Statura
  • Resistance technician Kaydel Ko
  • Resistance droid PZ-4C0

I've created this set using as few pieces as possible whilst trying to keep it as accurate as I can. Using reference pictures, I've included the hospital area as seen when Chewie's being examined by Doctor Kalonia.  The objects around them are as close to the movie as possible. You can also see the clinic bed where Fin lays at the end in this scene.  

I think this set is a great way to introduce Leia's final costume along with a new variation of Rey.

I love making sets I would want to own and hope you like these scene-type sets too!  If you like this one you might want to check out my first set featuring the Outlander Club from Attach of the Clones:

Thank you to everyone who supports this set :)

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