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LEGO® Parts Machine


Hello friends, my construction is a machine to make LEGO® pieces, as I always lack and I believe that it is the problem of every builder, I am inspired by that, so the pieces will never be missing, I think it would be a great set since it has little  pieces and defines just what he wanted to convey, so each fan will have his own machine to make pieces.

This machine for making LEGO pieces is undoubtedly one of the most beloved projects, since where I live, CHILE, it is a little difficult to get pieces, also there are no lego stores in all cities and therefore there are no brick picks either  .

That's where my idea was born, so that each builder has his own machine and can put it in his city in a workshop or even on a boat, well Maybe not on a boat, but maybe lego fans find it fun, it's more  maybe even in an office, on their desks, it would be a cute miniature of one of these fantastic machines. 

I chose those colors because I think they are the ones that most represent lego, and it also looked very nice, it is easy to build and it does not have great complexity, I hope the fans will entertain themselves by building it.

It has 249 pieces 

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