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Exo Suit 2.0


Aliens are attacking the lunar base, the Exo- Suits are no match for them!

That's right, aliens are on the moon- and they appear hostile! fight them off with the Exo- Suit 2.0!

This mech is fully articulated- moving legs, arms, hip movement- you name it, you can do it! It also has weapons in the other pictures, with a machine gun and sword. It can pick up standard minifigures too. Those aliens don't stand a chance!

Equipped with missiles on each shoulder, the cockpit can be opened at anytime- with an ejector seat! The mech can also be controlled by the minifigures using it's antenna and can pick up the pilot and insert it into the cockpit. So much fun!

It's also balanced- don't expect it to fall anytime soon. Even when it has the machine gun attached to it's back- yes, it can attach a machine gun onto it's back for quicker movement- it never falls over! When holding the sword or gun it's full movement system allows it to be a great aim for getting rid of those aliens. By the way, being slightly bigger than your hand and a durable body makes it great for posing or showing it off to your friends.

There's so many good things about this robot, why wouldn't you want to support it! Protect the moon base from it's certain doom with Exo- Suit 2.0!


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