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Seaside Post Office

Welcome to the Seaside Post Office.  Every town needs a post office to get mail and packages from one Lego town to another.  Have this quaint post office help your Lego city's citizens send and receive packages.  Introduce your street to their new mail carrier who will ensure that letters from far off places make it to their mailboxes each and every day.  However, be careful of the seaside seagulls, they seem to be as interested in your towns' mail as the citizens they're addressed too.  When the seagulls get too close, send the post office's chihuahua to scare them off!

This model is packed with tons of great features and interesting building techniques!

  • The post office exterior is filled with great details.  Immediately you'll notice the fantastic round clock tower with bright green vines, large windows and two bright red mailboxes out front.  In the rear you'll find a loading dock for packages and potentially some seaside seagulls who are up to no good!

  • Includes full interior with the first floor where letters and packages can be weighed, sent and received.  The second floor includes a break room and extra storage for packages that have yet to be picked up and a doggy bed for the post office's favourite employee.  An awesome green roof caps things off with an air conditioning system to keep temperatures in this post office perfect all year-round.

  • Includes 3 minifigures, a Mail Carrier, Business Women and Post Office Employee.

  • Model contains 1603 pieces and measures in at 12.5 cm wide, 31.2 cm tall and 25 cm deep.

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