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With LEGO making more and more amazing animals, i've been thinking, why we, haven't had a zoo yet?

The LEGO-Duplo line have had multiple zoo-sets, and the LEGO-City line have had the jungle explorer line, but we have yet to experience a proper zoological park, so this is my submission for one!

For some reason there are very few animals in studio 2.0, so i've built, brick-build animals as replacements, however i would like to note, that i would prefer the molded animals, instead of the brick-build ones.

The Zoo, includes a lot of different animals, such as, zebras, lions, birds, a giraf, and of course an elephant! Did you know some elephants can paint? This one have painted a nice flower-arrangement. <3

This set, would also make a great opportunity for a new animal, we've never seen before. Perhaps a Rhinoceros, or a Hippopotamus, or maybe something even more exotic...

The build contains 2130 bricks without the brick-build animals and 2896 with the brick-build animals, with multiple habitats for the animals, and modular walls, to change the layout of the zoo.

Let me know in the comments, which animal you would like to see, if this idea become a set.
Hope you like my idea!

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