Product Idea

Lego Architecture: Sultan Ibrahim Building (Landmark of Johor Bahru, Malaysia)

Lego Architecture is an amazing series, at first I think my home country, Malaysia, should have at least one landmark chosen for this series, since Lego is one of the most popular toy in Malaysia, and we have first Legoland in Asia which is located at my home town, Johor Bahru, I was surprised I can't find any Malaysia landmark in this series, this inspired me to build up something by Lego bricks, the first in my mind is the Sultan Ibrahim Building.

The Sultan Ibrahim Building was completed in 1940 by British colonial government attempted to streamline the state's administration, it is a former state secretariat building of Johor which located at Bukit Timbalan in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. It was officially opened by the late Sultan Ibrahim of Johor. Although the offices of the state secretariat have now moved to other place, the building has been planned to become a museum, and it always been keep in well condition, now we still can see it from far away, no doubt to be an unique image of Johor Bahru.

I'm proud to use Lego bricks to build my favourite building, and I believe this building design will attract lego fans from other countries, which also bring this beautiful landmark to be known by people from worldwide.