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Medusa's Garden


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Do you dare to enter Medusa's Lair? Our Hero has traveled to the remote temple to search for the Crystal Caves, rumored to be hidden here with fantastic treasures! But beware! If you stare into Medusa's eyes she will turn you into a statue to decorate her garden! Will you succeed in your task, or be trapped in Medusa's garden forever? Only you can decide! 

Set includes: 

-768 pieces

-Movable elements including a toppling column and a secret trap door! 

-Can you find Medusa's treasure cavern? Beware of the guard dog! Oh wait, it's just stone :) 

-5 minifigures included: Hero with horse and chariot, Medusa, and 3 statues! 

-Easily customizable to change around and make it your own! 

-Secret lion fountain under the bridge! 

-Perfect as a display model for older builders, and as a play model for younger builders! 

Please support this project, I would love for it to succeed! And while you're here, check out the Orient Express Thriller at  !

So now that you're here, spread the word! Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your pets! Feel free to share and leave any suggestions below, thank you for your consideration! :) 

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