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Da Vinci——Vitruvian Man

"The Vitruvian Man" is a sketch created by Leonardo da Vinci around 1487. It is a pen and ink drawing with dimensions of 34.4 cm × 25.5 cm. According to Vitruvius's descriptions in "Ten Books on Architecture" from around 1500, da Vinci endeavored to depict the perfect proportions of the human body. This pen and ink drawing illustrates a man in the golden ratio position at the same location, embedded within a rectangle and a circle, respectively. This artwork is also known as the Canon of Proportions or the Man of Vitruvius. The Vitruvian Man is currently housed in the Academy Gallery in Venice, Italy, and like many paper-based works, it is only occasionally displayed.
This time, I recreated this artwork using Lego, allowing for various color combinations and leaving a large blank space in the background for players to customize. My project was previously exhibited at the UCCA Contemporary Art Center.

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