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Supercar Roadster


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Ever since I was a kid, I have always been fascinated with Lego and cars. Over the years, I created numerous models ranging in different sizes and types, from small cars to large trucks. Recently, I decided to embark on a flagship project, to create a full size detailed Lego supercar. I wanted to create an amazing car which functions both as an aesthetic showpiece and a fun model to play with. With the Supercar Roadster, I have tried to do just that!


  • Lego stud-plated exterior. I decided to go with this look since it captures an authentic Lego feeling, as opposed to using flat non-studded bricks or Lego technic. 
  • Being a roadster, the interior is easy to see and interact with.
  • Custom scissor doors open and close. They also have handles.
  • Interior with racing seats, dashboard, and a custom racing wheel.
  • Front and rear working lights. The front lights are activated by a button on the dash. I used the Lego lights from the really old police sets (See pictures). They still work!
  • Adjustable spoiler.
  • Side door and rear body grills.
  • Rear opens to reveal a nitro boosted V6 engine.
  • RWD motorized wheels.
  • Red body with black wheels and wheelbase.
  • Lots of angled design!


Consideration as a set:

  • This is a large and awesome set for people of all ages. It will excite kids at the prospect of building a supercar, and it's fun to play with the working lights, motorized wheels, and opening doors. It will give experienced builders an opportunity to create an amazing looking masterpiece.
  • From a building perspective, this appeals to all levels. Many portions of the car, such as the chassis, front, rear, and interior are straightforward to build, so it's accessible to the novice builder. This set uses a number of unique building techniques to achieve its aesthetics, so it will challenge the expert builder as well. I also left space in the car between the seats the engine, so experienced builders can either add more motors or a folding convertible roof!
  • I designed this car based on my own ideas of how a Lego car should look like. It is not a replica of any commercial car of any kind. Hence, Lego will not need a commercial license for this set.
  • The model is sturdy and lightweight.

So all in all, I think this will make a great Lego set.


Final thoughts:

If you like the project, please support and share! You are the key to this model becoming the next Lego set. There are roughly between 1000-1200 pieces in the model and I spent a lot of time designing it, around 50 - 60 hours. So your support would be appreciated!

Suggestions and improvements are welcome in the comments. I was fairly limited in my design due to lack of pieces, so I tried to incorporate and make do with whatever I had. I apologize for some of the old/dusty bricks. Most of my bricks are between 10 - 15 years old! 




Some changes I was planning in an update:

  • Removing the hard angle in the front wheel frame.
  • Adding circular stud bricks to the engine pistons.


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