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Color Palette Micro Houses


A micro scale beach house development, with each house a different color of the Lego 2016 color palette. 64 studs wide by 32 studs deep. 2 x 2 stud Houses arranged to match the Lego color palette. All the colors are included. (could/should be updated to 2017 or 2018 color palette.)

I started building Lego Creator set 4996-1 Yellow Beach House, in different colors back in 2009, and arranged them with a beach a few years ago. When Lego released their color palette last year I realized that I had most of the solid colors, I rearranged them as per the palette and started filling in the missing colors. I started building the transparent colors a few months ago. But I am 18 colors away from the complete set, and I really want every color in my layout.  A few weeks ago when building micro scale buildings for a public group display, it occurred to me that I could get much closer to having every color for my beach house layout if I made the houses much smaller, so I made a micro beach house layout. And then I did one using LDD to include the few colors I was missing. Then I thought it would make a nice set so here it is.

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