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Whale Family

This set was created to celebrate the enigmatic family of whales.

Featuring sperm whale, orca, beluga, narwhal, and a mom-and-daughter humpback family, the six friendly whales from this set reflect their actual size ratio and highlight their own uniquenesses.

  • A large sperm whale can use its long mouth to capture squid.
  • Humpbacks have tubercles and binnacles growing around their bodies.
  • Orca is the apex predator with unique black-white pattern and long back-fin.
  • Beluga is a curious snowwhite who sings beautiful songs.
  • Narwhal, beluga's smaller cousin, is the magical creature mistaken for unicorn.
  • At last, whale family never leave one behind as mom always takes great care her kids.

Each whale works great as an individual tabletop display, while all six can come together to make a even more beautiful set.

While these whales are cruising towards their future, we can use this opportunity to raise the awareness to protect these highly intelligent creatures and create a healthier relationship with our ocean.

Thank you :)

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