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"YOKOHAMA NICHIGEKI" Old Movie Theater in Japan


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"YOKOHAMA NICHIGEKI", a famous movie theater in Japan that actually existed in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, was made with LEGO.

"YOKOHAMA NICHIGEKI" was opened on December 29, 1953.
After its opening, the cinema specialized in foreign movies by introducing the most advanced "CinemaScope" at that time.

This movie theater was also used as a stage for Japanese TV dramas and movies, and was loved by many fans in Japan. It may have been the most famous movie theater in Japan.

Unfortunately, this cinema no longer exists.
The cinema was closed in 2005 and demolished in 2007 due to the bankruptcy of the management company, flooding caused by typhoons, and deterioration of the building.

At the time of its demolition, part of its neon sign and other parts were donated to the city of Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

I wanted to keep this wonderful movie theater "YOKOHAMA NICHIGEKI" in my possession, so I made this LEGO work of art.

■About the composition of this set
"YOKOHAMA NICHIGEKI" Old Movie Theater in Japan

1F Lobby & Hall
There is a gap between the movie screen and the wall, where tablets can be inserted to enjoy playing movies.

2F Projection Room

The image of Japanese fashion in the 1990s.
A young couple, a friendly student and a movie-loving old man.
A salesperson and a projectionist as cinema staff.

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