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Thrust SSC

Thrust SSC, created by British engineer Richard Noble and driven by the RAF fighter pilot Andy Green, is a legendary land speed record vehicle. Thrust SSC was designed to break the sound barrier on land, something that had never been done before. The Thrust SSC, with its aerodynamic design, hit its highest speed on October 15, 1997, in the Black Rock Desert (Nevada, USA) at 763 mph (1,227 kph), thus becoming the first automobile to successfully break the sound barrier. The record-breaking accomplishment of the Thrust SSC marked a crucial turning point in human engineering. Thrust SSC is currently displayed at the Coventry Transport Museum in England.
The Lego version of Thrust SSC consists of 814 pieces and tries to capture the aerodynamic design of the original vehicle. I believe it would make a great set, because it can offer an amazing building experience for lego fans all ages, as well as being a great display piece! I really hope you like it!

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