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Chopper 2 Speed

Hey, this is concept model of a chopper. I have combined tecnic with creator lego. It consists 878 pieces. Dimensions are 41 x 14 x 9 cm ( lxhxw ) handlebars are 14 cm. It has a 2 speed gearbox with a good ratiodifference that can be handled with the left footpaddle. I designed it myself. Also the cylinders are designed by myself. They had to be bigger then the standard cylinders so I put 2 on top of eachother. And I needed the typical V shape most choppers have. That was a bit of a challenge. But it turned out great. It has frontwheel suspension. Small discbreaks and cables from the handlebars to the breaks. They don't acually work but it's a nice detail. I made them from electrical wire I stripped. I hope you all will like it and support me. Up to the next build. 😉 I allready know what it will be...

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