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Energy Lab Attack!


The story involves a face-off between science and power, both weapons creation and energy development. In the set, there is a high security lab where scientists have been developing a revolutionary form of energy. Outside is a walkway over vats of the substance to view progress on its development.

When it is discovered that some of the by-products of this energy creation could be used to develop powerful weapons, some really unpleasant pirates convince them to sell it to them for their use. The pirates are about to make a getaway in the ship they have landed on the roof. But before they can make their exit, galactic police are tipped off and arrive. What they find shocks them, and they have to quickly decide how to respond. Do they arrest the scientists? Do they battle the pirates and liberate the scientists? Do they need to call for back-up?

I built this set, because I like creating settings for stories and conflicts that I imagine. I enjoy setting up moments of tension where a hero will emerge. The reason I had the toxic chemicals in this idea is because in many of the LEGO video games there are the neon blue pink and green chemicals laying around. 

I think this would be a great set, because I’m sure there are others out there that like me are inspired by stories of heroes and villains. I have never seen a set that has an energy creation facility with a secure lab, so I wanted to create one, and build a story around it. Maybe someone like you will be interested too! 

This idea is not based on any existing IP, film, show, book, or game. It is based on a completely original story I came up with. I created the main picture in Procreate, a digital drawing app using photos taken with an iPhone of the set.

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