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Mini Wall-e


Many people like to create Lego Wall-e, because of his cube stature, so it's very easy to make with LEGO.

But in addition to the body, Wall-e's face likes a telescope, he has columnar arms, and the mechanical structure inside the foot. I try to challenge to create smallest Wall-e with most details, and every part of it is created to be similar to the animation film as could as possible.

This is a re-submission of my early project "Mini Wall-e". I updated some details, you can rotate gears inside the foot.

Today is the day of Starwars, I made a darkside version of Wall-e, his name is Darth Wall-e, May the 4th be with you.

Hope you like this version of LEGO Wall-e, too. Support it and share it, thank you very much.

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