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This is (evidently) my first time publishing on Lego ideas so I'm going to write the description by answering the three basic questions of economics

Photosynthesis is a great board game where players basically try to grow huge trees to soak up sunlight and block other players' trees from the sun to eventually exchange the trees for points. While this game might not be the most popular, Photosynthesis is certainly one of the best looking, with a great colour palette and satisfying game progression it made a lot of sense to try replicate it in Lego, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

For whom?
This wasn't really a question I had in mind when I started this project (in hindsight it should have been), but I think this piece could work great as a fully playable version of the game when scaled up, but also as a customizable desk piece, especially for fans of the game. With its colourful aspect and simplistic styling it could stand out on any desk, shelf or table. Like said above this game could potentially be fully playable if counters and boards were printed or produced, with little to no drawbacks to the real thing.

While Lego is an extremely versatile median, this build was quite tricky in parts, but I found time and time again that sometimes the most elegant solutions are also the most simple ones. I also found that creating realistic landscape is more challenging than it sounds, so there are bits I haven't shown that may or may not add aesthetic value to the piece. These elements take inspiration from Lego's botanical collection, which capture the beauty of the real thing.

If you've made it down this far then let me first say how surprised I am, but also encourage you to do you know what if you think this would work well as a set.

And if you think there's something I can improve, please tell me.

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