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Among Us: The Skeld


Update #8 | The final update!

Hello all, as this is probably the last update, I have something special to show you today. All the pictures shown are not final and may be tweaked by me. And yes, I'm sorry, accuracy has gone out the window on this one!

Updated part count: 1404


Image 1: New rooms! - I have added medbay, security, admin and weapons as segments at the back of the build.

Image 2: Medbay + Security

Image 3: Admin

Image 4: Weapons

Also I have included the usual skin & hat suggestions:

New colour: brown! (I now have all the different colours)

New hat: Army helmet - Thankyou to @Greedo Tetsu Jr. for suggestion!

New hat: Cheese slice - Thankyou to @RichestRebelliousOrange for suggestion!

New hat: Special top hat - This is the one I always wear in-game!


Update #6 | Pets Showcase!

Here is an image of all the pets included in the set:

New pets: Robot and Hamster! Thankyou @Shrek is cool for helping me with this!

Updated dog print! @MR.CreepyBrine for suggestion!



Update #5 | New Colour + More Hats & Pets!

Hello fellow crewmates! Today I'm showing some more updates to the project :D

- New colour: Lime

- New hat: 'DUM' sticky note | Idea from @MR.CreepyBrine

- New pet: Stickmin pets! | Idea from @CreeperBrix | Help from @JBEAR_ROX



Update #4

The edits have now been approved!

This update includes: New fig design, Re-rendered rooms, Custom prints for task screens, Added details in electrical, reactor, and engine, New hats, New colour (cyan) in non ghost form, and a new image of meeting being held and more!


Update #3

Here is a new look at a meeting in Among Us


New updates!

Today I am showcasing 2 new images showing updates to the project!

Image 1: Reported body

Image 2: New mini crew member + ghost design update (Thankyou to @Dylanstime for mini-crew member!)


New Character And Updated Designs!

Comment if you think I could make any changes :)


Nearly 500 supporters!

Hey everyone, thanks for sharing this product idea! The supporters-per-day is actually increasing which is a first time for me :)

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