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Celtic Fort


This set is based on the struggles between the Celtic warrior tribes and the Romans. This fort contains 4 shields, 2 bows, a mace, an axe, a pitchfork, 3 swords, 1 spear, a staff & magical lightning, as well as 6 coins, and a jewel. 

No to the details. This battleground has an intiricate gate with 2 microfigures, and some flame pieces. There is also a siege ladder, an archery range, a weapons rack, a chest, and an fireplace.

This set has 7 minigigures (left to right)

Roman legionaire

Roman centurian- his pickaxe on a chain serves as a grappling hook

Celtic farmer

Celtic Warrior

Painted Celtic Swordsman

Painted Celtic Axeman

Celtic Cheiftan

This set has 265 bricks. This set is playable, fun and, it ties into history! Please help me on my path to 10000 supporters. This project may have several updates.


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I got some ispiration for the minifigures from this set

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