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Scuderia Ferrari Lego F14-T

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Dear Visitor!!!
First of all I invite you to the journey of my Scuderia Ferrari F1 Lego Evolution
from my old F1 racer to the present F14-T car.

Scuderia Ferrari:

"Scuderia Ferrari (pronounced [skudeˈria ferˈrari]) is the racing team division of the Ferrari automobile marque. The team mainly races in Formula One but has also competed in many other series in numerous levels of motorsport since its formation in 1929, including sportscar racing. It is the oldest surviving team in Grand Prix racing, having competed since 1932, and statistically the most glorious and successful Formula One team in history with a record of 15 drivers' championships and 16 constructors' championships." by Wikipedia

Offical Ferrari F14-T website:

The Ferrari Logo and the car name (Scuderia Ferrari F14 T) is reserved to Ferrari S.p.A.

You can activate Drag Reduction System on the rear wing.

The original, beatiful Scuderia Ferrari F14-T (Picture is edited version of the original which is from the team website).

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