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Kinetic Sculpture of a Surfer on Moving Lego Waves

It's a surfer surfing around a hexagon with Lego waves that slosh up and down. You operate all of the motions with a single hand crank or you can connect a motor to the crank as seen in the video.

It's kinetic so it needs to be viewed in motion, not still photos, so here is a video:

It started out as an "easy" proof-of-concept build where I combined my Lego waves idea with other motion before I started on an absurdly ambitious project. However, it turned out to be far from easy. It began as an octagon but after 6-12 months of discovering how many ways Legos can bind, gears can slip, etc. and starting over from scratch a dozen times I finally built a working model!

Would this be a great Lego set? I'm not sure, but it sure would be different ;)

I hope you like it and will consider supporting it.

Random notes: 
I don't own a surfer minifig, so Sigourney Weaver got the role.
I literally bought every single blue brick off the local pick-a-brick wall and still ran out, so pardon the few non-blue pieces.
I had no idea how hard octagons are to make in Lego.

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