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CTA 2400 Series Train (Chicago 'L')


Decal spots/other livery style

This is more to help point out where certain things I mentioned in the Description actually goes as well as what the 2400 series looked like later in its life.

  • The "Ashland/63 would actually be in white with a black border. Only the Yellow Line has its destination in full black while "Cottage Grove" would be on a white background with the name having a green border. "cta | The Spirit of Chicago" also happens to be in this spot
  • cta 2401 is on the other side and the same but different number (so 2402)
  • 2551 on the side is actually in a different spot on the real train
  • The doors don't open but can be removed. The roof gaps are where the doors located.

The 4 track station is vague representation of an actual CTA side platform station with 4 tracks just to show off them side by side again and at a train station.

As a bit of a fun fact, the Historic 2400 series train were out for a excursion on the CTA by the Illinois Railway Museum 5 days before this project was submitted. The trip theme was 1970s.

Larger view: