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Toy Story Woody Figurine


Hello everybody reading this.  This is my recreation of the iconic character, from the animated movie series Toy Story, Woody.  I really like the way it turned out as I've never done a character this big before.  I thought this was a really fun build because I got to add as much detail as I wanted into him to make him recognizable.  I also added a picture of him next to a minifigure to show you actually how big it is in minifuigure scale.

I think that this will be a good Lego set because he's fully playable.  He has shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints so you can move his arms just like a humans would.  His legs can also turn as well as his head.  You can pose him in any way you like.  He can also withstand a great fall.  His head, hat, arms, and legs might fall off but they all stay in one piece so you can easily reattach and keep on playing.  

I hope you enjoy this build and support it if you can.  Thank you so much!

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