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Ebon Hawk


200 Supporters and climbing!

Thanks to everyone that has supported and followed my project!

I have rendered three more images to give this project more realism!

Sorry that I haven't posted more like I said I would... There was a bit of a technical problem, but they're here now!

Thanks again for all of you who have supported my project! It means so much too me, hopefully we can get 9800 more supporters in 159 days! Good day and good bricking! 


Thanks for 100+ supporters!

Thanks to everyone who brought this project to 3 digits!

Here is a rendered image to show you my appreciation.

More to come, so keep checking frequently!



Minifigures Fix - Ldd Instructions

I got a comment stating that I forgot to list Carth on the minifigures list.

Characters from left to right.

  • Mission Vao
  • Juhani
  • Bastila Shan
  • Revan
  • Jolee Bindo
  • Zaalbar
  • Carth Onasi
  • Canderous Ordo

The two doids; T3-M4 and Hk-47

You can download the ldd file at the link below. (by the bottom of the page)



Thanks for all your support!

If you like Star Wars please support this Aurek-class Strikefighter. It also comes from the Old Republic era.


New Update

The update has been released!!!


Ebon Hawk Version 2

I've been busy "upgrading" my project because I have had comments stating that it does not capture the shape and style of the ship. Here is my update to fix that.

Front and side views of the ship:

Most of the hinge mechanics are the same, I just changed the way the port and starboard dormitory ceiling gets removed.

I also changed the inside layout to be more accurate. (there's a tiny swoop bike in the garage)

Thank you, I hope you like my update and please support.



Inside Layout

Another view of the inside layout.

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