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Impacter/Forging Hammer


Machines produce things that we use in our everyday lives, even the legos we build with!  So why not have lego sets to recreate these amazing machines.  What I created is a Lego forging hammer, modeled off of the Chambersburg 'Impacter Model C'.  Forget the old hammer and anvil, this was a highly engineered machine that created precise near net shapes.

Originally designed in the 1950's the Model C impacter is operated by two air driven impellers that are accelerated towards each other at the same speed.  When a heated work piece is placed between these impellers the force deforms the piece.  

This lego version is operated by two spring rods that run through each side.  When each rod is depressed the 'impellers' are brought together and strike the work piece.  The impellers return to a home position when the rods are released.  


For more information on the Chambersburg model C impacter, check out this link:


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