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Star Wars - Coruscant Emergency Firespeeder

This is my creation of Coruscant Emergency Firespeeder !
I hope you like it, and I get your support!
Jeg håber du kan lide den model, og jeg får din støtte!
Ich hoffe dir gefällt das Model und ich bekomme deine Unterstüzung!
J'espère que vous l'aimez, et je reçois votre soutien!
Я надеюсь тебе понравится эта Модель и я получу твою поддержку!
Espero que les guste, y me den su apoyo!
Espero que gostem, e eu tenho o seu apoio!
אני מקווה שאתה אוהב את זה, ויש לי את תמיכתכם!
آمل أن تكونوا مثل هذا، وحصلت على دعمكم!

The emergency firespeeder was a specialized airspeeder designed to put out fires.

The emergency firespeeder, also known simply as a fireship, was designated a fire suppression speeder and thus was designed to transport large amounts of water and other fire-retardant agents to douse flaming structures and vessels.
Emergency firespeeders rotsFirespeeders douse the flames on Invisible Hand while still in the air.

It featured an ablative cockpit canopy which allowed brief exposure to intense temperatures. They also had emergency running lights, and an extremely loud annunciator and siren. These vessels featured cowled jet engines in addition to their repulsorlift generators, allowing the vehicles to travel quickly.

A firespeeder could accommodate a brigade of fire fighters. It was also equipped with a medical bay to treat injured patients until they could get to a medcenter, as well as a tractor beam projector to clear debris or rescue wounded civilians from dangerous areas.

The firespeeder's tanks were filled with water, foam and other fire retardant agents. There were four sprayers, one on each wing, and they could be controlled from the front cockpit. The firespeeder's co-pilot cockpit was located on the rear of the vehicle and may have been used during an emergency.

Firespeeders were deployed by the Republic during the Battle of Coruscant as burning wrecks of vessels from the space battle above began to plunge into the atmosphere since the planetary shields had been weakened by concentrated Separatist efforts. Fire teams were placed on twenty-four-hour emergency alert during this period.

Tractor beam-equipped tow ships caught some of the larger wrecks though some pieces still managed to crash on the planetwide metropolis despite the efforts of the pilots. Emergency firespeeders of Fire Team Three also scoured the skies over Coruscant's large industrial district for any airborne dangers. One of their last missions was to douse the flaming wreckage of Invisible Hand, as, piloted by Anakin Skywalker, it made an emergency landing in the industrial district following the death of Count Dooku.

Days later, when the Jedi Temple was set ablaze during the so-called "Jedi Rebellion", fireships remained grounded, perhaps on orders from Palpatine himself.

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