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1970s Toy Robot


Hello everybody,
This robot is inspired by a toy robot from the 1970s.
He can turn his head and raise both arms.
It has adapters on the arms, you can use different tools there.
There are many control panels on the front.

The back is very special, you can open it and it actually contains plastic batteries!

Those batteries are likely to last forever in this robot. It's incredible!

You might be wondering why you can open the battery compartment when the batteries last forever.

This is only there to demonstrate the high technical level of our engineers.

The robot consists of 158 parts. It is about 14 bricks high and 8 studs wide.

Depending on which tools you put in, it can do different jobs.
It is also possible to completely exchange the arms.

When I was a child I always wanted a toy robot, unfortunately I never got it, that's why I built it out of LEGO.

Please be kind to the robot.

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