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Nordic Homestead


Hey all, the concept for a set in mind is “Nordic Homestead”. The build is simple and straight-forward, not overly complex and designed to be nice but still be in a reasonable budget at the same time. Combining a mixture of old elements with new, the concept features an autumn apple tree with a bee hive, a wheat plot and the longhouse itself. The concept for the house is a wooden structure with stone around the base with an opening “thatch” roof and  air outlets for venting. Norse-themed features include a central fire pit, a wide shield hung over the door, golden engravings along the doorposts and antlers hung below the back window. Accessories features a varied meat rack, a butter churn, a tool crate and a valuables chest. Figures include a goat, a chicken, and German Shepherd for animals and for minifigures, a Viking noble, his wife and child. For other features please see pictures of concept design. 

The inspiration for this set includes older sets such as Medieval Market Village, Mill Raid, the Guarded Inn and Blacksmith Shop. While the earlier Viking theme focused on martial aspects with mythological creatures, this set focuses on the daily life of Norse and Anglo-Saxon peoples as merchants, traders, and farmers. Sets that inspired this concept are ones that I’ve found people regret not getting due to the peaceful nature and variance from the same types of sets Lego has always made (e.g. prisoner wagons, villain towers, keeps, etc…)

Understand this is just a concept of a set, but it is a concept of the kind of set I myself and probably many others would be interested in buying should Lego approve the idea. Please only vote if you know you’d buy this kind of set to keep market research accurate and trustworthy. 

Thanks for showing your interest by reading this a have a great time building!

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