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Vintage Ambulance Set

Hello! This is my first attempt here on LEGO CUUSOO and I couldn't be more thrilled with the chance at working with LEGO on a set! I have worked (professionally) on toys and model kits, but working with LEGO would be a dream come true.

Up for your consideration is a minifig scale Vintage Ambulance Set. This Vintage Ambulance set would showcase a classic time in automotive history when even rescue vehicles had a sense of style. Included in the set would be the ambulance itself (with opening front and rear doors and with room for two occupants in the front (after removing their leg pieces) and a patient in the rear) and two EMT workers.

I know that minifig vehicle scale is always sort of a debate, but I have always felt that the cars should fit the appropriate amount of "people". With a quick detaching of the legs two "people" can ride in style to the location of your LEGO related emergency.

Take a look, let me know your thoughts, and of course... click support, HA HA!

... This could also work as a base to some Ghostbusters related things that I might be working on in the back of my mind. Of course, as you know, Ghostbusters is the best movie of all time.

Thank you!


The Vintage Ambulance would feature room for two workers up front to head to the nearest emergency.

The Vintage Ambulance would feature opening front and rear doors.

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