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Brickhaven Lighthouse

Welcome one and all to the Brickhaven Lighthouse!

Lighthouses have been an iconic image of seafaring activities for centuries. These shining beacons provide an early warning to sailors of nautical obstacles during times of storm and rough water when these dangers are otherwise invisible to the eye. The concept of the lighthouse began with the practice of creating bonfires on hilltops near the shoreline, and as marine technology advanced the lighthouse also advanced and became the guiding lights that we are commonly familiar with today.

The highlight of this build is the working light mechanism. A reflective brick is connected to a crank on the back of the tower that allows for it to spin. Pressing down on the roof activates the light brick placed inside the lantern gallery. Combining these two actions together creates a rotating beam of light!

Each room has a fully detailed interior and modular design, allowing for easy access to any room at any time.

• Working light and spinning mechanism
• 4 Minifigures
• Detachable floors for easy access
• Hidden treasure within the island!
• Contains roughly 2,800 pieces

I think this build would appeal to fans of the Winter Village series or other similarly detailed builds. This lighthouse would also make an excellent addition to any seaside LEGO collection.

Thanks for reading! Please support and share!

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