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StoneWall Fort

Welcome to StoneWall Fort! The most terrifying fort the Caribbean sea had ever seen. This solid outpost, that was built by the best architects of these times, has to protect the sea from evil pirates, like horrible Redbeard's men. It stands a few miles from the port , ready to attak in every moment. Colonel Zaroff, the commander of the fort, is a famous fighter and known for his bravery, strength and resourcefulness.

When you get into the fort, you'll see a short corridor and then on your left a prison cell, armory and desk, while on your right there're stairs to the next floor. On the second floor there's an opened cannons stand, and behind it a door to the colonel's room and a stoarge with food supply. Above them, there's an attic and bedroom, and then the head of the tower.

The model contains 7 minifigures which are:
-Colonel Zaroff
-3 soldiers
-2 pirates

I submitted this fort about a year and something ago, and it almost reached 1k. So this time, improved and with better pictures, I hope to gather even more supports and maybe even 10k! Make sure your'e supporting it, and have a great day!

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