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GWR Pannier Tank Engine and Rolling Stock

Here is my GWR pannier tank engine with carriage and break van. I’ve designed this set as I really like steam engines and there is always lots of focus on the well know steam locomotives (Flying Scotsman etc), however there are many tank engine fans that also appreciate the smaller / more humble engines as well. With this set, I have used the standard Lego wheels / bogies so that the engine can be used on the standard Lego track, and it is not powered. It could however be modified to be made powered and then it could be used alongside other Lego train sets. I’ve also included a number of figures with period clothing and accessories to add extra play factor to the set.

I’ve tried to add as much detail as I can both inside and outside the engine in the form of bolts / pressings / lights and controls.

I hope you like my set and thanks for looking.

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