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A Good Medieval Day

This set depicts a day in the life of a few simple folk in a nice, little stone castle. A courier comes with an urgent message for the queen, guards are standing watch at the gate and a humble bard is plucking away at his beloved guitar. There are lots of sets and stories where the dashing hero saves the pretty princess. But what now? The gem of the set is tucked away inside. A maiden fair sits in a comfortable drawing room while her beloved companion – a dashing, young suitor – gracefully takes to one knee and presents her with a token of his affection. Among many details, a golden chandelier can be seen hanging from the rafters, mounted swords and shining armor decorate the walls, while vines creep over the castle. The set features functioning cannons, a treasure chest, a secret hatch. A few hidden items include a golden key, a red balloon and three tiny frogs.

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