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Space Heavy Cruiser


Set Update

I was thinking that there should be a history in nice instructions that comes with the set. The history would be about Lego space ships, starting with the old classic ships from the 70's. The history should also include fan-build models.


Color Variations

I was trying to come up with an update for my space ship, when I decided to make color variations. Below I have my latest color variations: 


This one is my black space ship. The black color is one of my favorites.

Next I have a red one.One of my favorites would also be my classic-Lego-space-themed space ship.Next I have a space ship that almost reminds me of Star Wars.This one would be great for battle on a snowy planet.This is a oddly colored space ship.This one was colored to look like a bee.Finally, I have a rainbow like space ship.

I hope you like this update. I'd like to here any suggestions you might have. If you do, please post them in the comments. Happy building!

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