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The Funny Show


Join the circus!

I created a set about the world of the circus using mainly the typical colors of circuses: red yellow white and blue. I tried to propose the most significant elements, from the lion's cage to the trapeze through the classic numbers and the most important figures of this traveling show.

This set contains:
- a yellow cage with a lion and a fire ring
- a blu trapeze 
- a white steed
- clown's gadget for funny gags such as a cream cake,a stick of dynamite,a flag gun, a wheelbarrow and a fire extinguisher 
- a cannon 
- a magic box and mage's tools such as handcuffs & keys, rings, sword and saw
- all the neccesary for feeding the circus's animals and cleaning the circus

Set also includes minfigures:

- the tamer
- two acrobats 
- the horsewoman
- the clown
- the projectile man
- the illusionist and his beautiful assistant
- the equilibrist

I had been at the circus several times when I was younger and I was inspired by the creativity of its artists and the variety of the presented numbers. 

I believe that this set can be a Lego set with long playability because like in the reality is renewed at each show. Children can, for example, invent funny gags doing the clown interact with other artists of the set, will teach circus acts to all the animals included in the set and present to their parents every night a new show! For adults, this set will be of great impact for the color and variety of situations and bricks!


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