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The Ice Cream Shop

After a bit of a hiatus from LEGO Ideas I am back with my newest MOC: The Ice Cream Shop. This building, a half-modular of exactly 1501 pieces, was inspired in part by photos of real buildings from around Europe. It includes three modular floors and three minifigures - the shop owner and two customers. Please note that all images were created by me, including custom prints and background images.
The first story of the building is the ice cream shop itself. Outside the shop, a sign hangs outside the door. Inside, there is an industrial freezer with a multitude of different ice cream flavors inside. The kitchen is built using entirely metallic silver pieces for an industrial feel, complete with a sink and a stove (for cooking up ice cream mixes). There is also a display with four different flavors of ice cream for customers to choose from. The "lobby" area of the restaurant includes a chalkboard menu listing all the items on offer today, along with a sign explaining that this shop is takeout only - after all, there isn't much room for tables!
Ascend to the second floor to find an apartment for the owner of the shop. On this floor, there is a kitchen, dining table, and a fully-stocked bathroom. There are also some decorations, but overall the walls are a bit sparse - the owner is rather utilitarian and finds most decorations unnecessary. There's also a ladder that leads to the third floor, which contains two bedrooms - a larger one and a smaller one. The larger one features a bigger bed with two pillows, and even a chest of drawers. Two shirts hang on the wall - one advertising a concert, and one an identical copy of the shirt that the owner wears to work every day. The second bedroom is smaller, with a bright green bed and a poster advertising a different concert. In the hallway, it becomes clear that the owner of this apartment loves maps - they hang all over the wall!
There are three minifigures that come with this project:
  • The owner of the shop, who is wearing his branded store shirt
  • An adult customer, holding an ice cream cone with delicious cotton candy ice cream
  • A child customer, patiently waiting for ice cream after a sweaty soccer practice
Thank you for taking the time to look at my project! I hope you enjoyed it. If you liked it, please don't forget to support, comment, and share. And, if you're interested, you can find my other projects here.

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