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Modular House Kitchen

This is my first LEGO CUUSOO set idea, so I hope you enjoy it. Ever notice that kitchens made by the LEGO group are usually not to minifig scale (with the modular Pet Shop and Townhouse being the exception)? Well, this kitchen is a perfect, highly detailed kitchen, with many realistic features, but just the right size for minifigs to have a good time cookin'. Also very sturdy and good for play and even Brickfilms. Extra pieces include: frying pan, frosting spreader (actully a LEGO magnifying glass), three 1x1 cylinder "brownies", coffee mug, 2x2 plate "newspaper", flame, brick built cake, and a pencil for the newspaper (actully a LEGO orange tooth)

A large sink, with an upside-down 2x2 tile as a drain, and a LEGO pistol as the faucet

minifigs from left to right: Mom, teen, and Dad

A highly detailed fridge, including egg carton, juice bottles, and more

a stovetop, complete with 2 burners, a built in griddle, oven hood (with lights), and a oven under the stove

I hope you like this, please support! soon I will post an Accessory set, and then, the next set in the Modular House series, the Dining room.

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