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Lego Yamanote Line E231-500 Series Front Car

This is a minifig-scale model of the iconic E231-500 series train that operated on the Yamanote Line. It has since been replaced with the newer E235 series.

I really wanted to capture the distinct face of the train with its white and green highlights as well as that iconic headlight shape. 

Dimensions: Train: Width - 8 studs, Length - 62.8 studs,
Height - 12.4 studs Base with rails: Width - 10 studs, Length - 66 studs, Height - 2 studs

There is currently no interior nor functional doors, though there is a depiction of the driver cabin wall and a LED display above every door.

I am working on a couple of other JR train models and a 11-car version of the E231-500 series Yamanote train. (see image 4 for a 3 car version)

I hope lego could do more city trains/subways in future sets!

Program used:  Studio 2.0

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