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Upside-Down House: Bistro

We start the challenge with another modular piece.
I created a house that can be exhibited together with the Upside Down House series.

It is a commercial building with a small restaurant in an upside-down building.
It looks a little different from the last bookstore.
It seems more accurate to say that it is standing backwards.

The entire structure is rotated at a 45 degree angle and is slightly narrower than other modular buildings, but rather tall.

The feeling of standing upside down is somewhat lacking, but I wanted to express it in a more diverse way.

The composition of the whole building is a restaurant on the first and second floors, and the owner of the restaurant lives on the third floor. There is a small storage space on the roof.

The large window on the first floor is a folding door that can be opened wide and an outdoor table can be installed. If you go up to the 2nd floor through the 1st floor stairs, there are several tables and a small bathroom.

From the exterior of the building, there is a representation of the roof and chimney, but the chimney is actually connected to the fireplace in the third floor room.
The third floor has a bed, a warm fireplace, a bookshelf, and a desk with a computer for playing games.

There are 2 tall trees around the building, filling up the otherwise empty space.

How is this work? Do you like it? We start the challenge with a worried mind.
Thank you for your support.

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