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The Phantom of the Opera


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This set is based on the classic Novel by Gaston Leroux "The Phantom of the Opera" .
This time, we will see and live the most iconic moments from this love and mystery story in this Set.
1- "Look at the Mirror" .
The first classic scene than we can see in the set. Christine Daé hear the voice if her Master, He calls her by her name and say -Follow me Christine -. The set includes the Christine's Room with her Desk with papers and Flowers from Roul, and of curse, The Mirror.

2- "The darkest lake"
The most iconic moment from the Musical adaptation and the book, Christine follow The Voice but now this voice have a name Erik. He takes her in to a Boat. They follow the lake under the Opera House and a lot of rising candledticks ( This came from the musical ).

3- "Dark Music"
Inside The Phantom's House. He works in a Table and an Organ. He is creating a new opera "Don Juan triumphant"

I build this idea becayse I hear the Brodway's Musical finally close after 35 years running, and I remember when I was a Child and read the book after seen the Silent Movie of 1929 and now I want to have a set of this magic story, this classic.

A lot of Fans of this Classic story ( The book, the movies or the Musical ) will love it. The Phantom of the Opera is one the classic monsters copyright free than LEGO never use in sets from Monsters, this us the perfect moment to make a set based on the Free Cipyright Book! And everyone will love it!.

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