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Riot of Realms - Taint of the Sea


What is Riot of Realms? Right now, I'm a student at a community college, looking into becoming a game designer. Riot of Realms is a game that I would like to make, that will be fantasy based, with many options, abilities, classes, battles, bosses, and PvP opportunities. For my LEGO sets, I will be introducing different ideas, as well as characters and their descriptions.

This set is based off an idea I have for a raid quest. In this set, players must work together to defeat a venemous Side-Mouth Shark. Whoever defeats the beast will recieve the Staff of Water, which gives the player the ability to control water. However, defeat can come in two forms: death or taming. Which would you pick?

The shark is a large and dangerous predetor of the Enchanted Sea. Rolling in its stomach is a highly acidic liquid that it can spit out.

In this set, we have two Players.

ArielGirl63 is a new player who decided to play as a mermaid trainer. However, she wants to push through to the top. And with the help of her friend, she may very well. In real life, she's a girl in middleschool that is bullied at school. But her best friend is always there to cheer her up.

Axios543 is a human wizard that has been around for months. Today, he is here to help Ariel defeat the shark and obtain the staff. Ariel is wanting the shark alive, so that she may use it as a steed in the sea, so Axios will be using stunning and weakness spells. In real life, he is the only one who stands by Ariel as she is teased about her red and blue eyes.

Let me know what you think of this set. Below, I will give information of the different types of missions there will be.


Type (Enemy): Description

Defense (AI): In this quest type, you will be asked by an AI to help protect either an Item, Structure, or Population. You will then fight an army of AI, and eventually a boss.

Defense (PvP): While some quests will also be given by AI, you will also have to protect some of your belongings. Those given by AI will also have a reverse quest where you are asked by another AI to help take/destroy whatever the other is guarding.

Raid (AI): Here, you can find a place where an item or vital structure is being protected, and you must either take or destroy it. You won't be facing any Players, but the boss will not be happy.

Raid (PvP): This is the reverse of Defense (PvP). You are either asked by an AI to participate in a raid, or you will choose a Player Home to raid.

War: This is a quest, where you and your friends will declare war on another group. You will fight in many arenas, including valleys, mountains, forests and seas.

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