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Gravity Falls Shacktron


Local LEGO Convention

Had a great time at a local LEGO convention in northern Virginia this past weekend!  I got the chance to meet and talk to quite a few other Gravity Falls fans who supported my project!  Thanks for your support and please keep sharing!


It's a sign!

Did you miss me?  Admit it, you missed me!  I recently asked a friend of mine who does custom graphic designs to print the signs for my creation.  I've been keeping an EYE ON HIM since then and I must say I'm impressed!  




Gravity Falls minifigs added

Gravity Falls minifigs added, including creator Alex Hirsch.  

Dipper's hat to be printed (and picture revised) soon.

1st row:  Dipper, Mabel & Waddles

2nd row:  Candy, Wendy, Grunkle Stan & Soos

3rd row:  Grenda, Old Man McGucket, Alex Hirsch & Pacifica



Gravity Falls project on FB, Twitter and Instagram

There is now a Facebook page, if any of you would like to check it out or share with Gravity Falls fans via FB:

and Twitter & Instagram at:

** printed signs & billboards ** ... PLUS minifigs ... are coming soon!!  Will post an update with them.

I also thought I would include a picture of the ShackTron, for those of you unfamiliar with the Gravity Falls cartoon:

Really appreciate the support and helping spread the word!!


Thanks Alex and Jason!!!

Thank you for the 500+ supports!  

And a special thanks to the creator of the Gravity Falls cartoon, Alex Hirsch:

and Jason Ritter (the voice actor for Dipper Pines) for Tweeting my project!

Remember to keep sharing this project with anyone you know and please keep supporting!!



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