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13 Seasons in 10 Years


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I built a model of a number 10 with scenes from each season of Ninjago.  It's a number 10 to represent 10 years of Ninjago.  The scenes from seasons 1-4 in the number one go up to down.   Seasons 5-13 in the zero go left to right, up to down.  Minifigures are represented by studs.

The Season 1 scene shows the Great Devourer.

The Season 2 scene shows the battle between Lloyd (on his Golden Dragon) against the Overlord Dragon.

The Season 3 scene shows Zane defeating the Overlord (As the Golden Master) for good.  

The Season 4 scene shows the Battle between the Ninja and the Anacondrai in the Corridor of Elders while Sensei Garmadon banishes himself to the Cursed Realm.   

The Season 5 scene shows Lloyd (possessed by Morro) fighting the Ninja at Steep Wisdom.

The Season 6 scene shows Nadakhan at the Temple of Airjitzu while Jay and Nya are on the ground.  

The Season 7 scene shows the Iron Doom traveling into the Time Vortex.  

The Season 8 scene shows the Colossus terrorizing Ninjago while Nya, Dareth, and Lloyd watch from below.

The Season 9 scene shows Jay, Zane, and Kai fighting the Earth Dragon in the Dragon Pit.

The Season 10 scene shows the Tornado of Creation being used to drive away the Oni from the Monastery of Spinjitzu.

The Season 11 scene shows Aspheera blasting Zane and the Mech into the Never-Realm.

The Season 12 scene shows Jay and his Cyber Dragon chasing Unagami through the portal to Ninjago.

The Season 13 scene shows Cole unlocking his Spinjitzu Burst in the Vengestone mines while battling the Skull Sorcerer.   

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