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Snowman Carousel

This Snowman Carousel for the Winter Village series features a NEW friendly face on a white head that can be used to build all kinds of snowmen, statues, and friendly spirits. When the rooftop tower is turned, 3 Snowman & a Penguin spin in circles as the round platform rotates around. I found the movement of this two-fold spinning action irresistibly intriguing and I can't wait to exchange all manner of objects and figures to see them dance about.

This highly entertaining set was a challenge to build to make the geared mechanism work and has offered endless entertainment ever since. I couldn't bring myself to pack it away with the other snow houses and feel it will add an amusement park element to any scene as it can be reworked with figures and decor to fit any season. (The baby reindeer and snowgie snowmen work well on the spinning plates.)

Modified Gear Design from set # 41447 removed the central axle, added a base plate, 4 posts, and steps.

Thank you for your kind support!

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