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Farmhouse Raid


Home is where the heart is..but watch out for bandits!

Peasant farmers are the backbone of society in the Kingdom of Bryklond, providing the food and resources that keep the markets stocked and enable chivalrous knights and powerful warlords to wage their everlasting wars. Unfortunately, there are those that would rather steal than perform the hard work required to farm the land. 

Farmhouse Raid is a 723 piece set that includes one of Bryklond's many farms, five minifigures and a collection of farmyard animals. This set aims to use a reasonable number of pieces to capture the historical feeling of 10193 - Medieval Market Village and 10223 - Kingdoms Joust. 

The farmhouse has a detailed interior that includes a fireplace, a double bed and a removable thatched roof. The set also includes features from the surrounding farm: a well, a tree, and a vegetable patch complete with scarecrow. Finally, no farm would be complete without a number of farmyard creatures: the pig, the loyal pet dog and a pair of chickens.  

The Farmhouse Raid set can be used with the Bryklond rules (coming soon!) to play through a raid against the farm. Can the bandits escape with some food or will the farmer successfully defend his crop? Using this set you can play as:

  • The industrious farmer, a simple man that believes in a hard days work. 
  • The farmer's wife, a mysterious woman with a secret to hide..
  • The bandits, a group of ragtag outlaws who are desperate for a decent meal. 

Bryklond is a tabletop role-playing game that uses Lego to construct characters and environments. Use your existing Lego collection or keep an eye out my other Bryklond-themed sets, coming soon on Lego Ideas. 

All images have been rendered using Bluerender with Sunflow's mod.

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